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Hello.  Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. I am William's Dad. Although you may find some of this site to be very heartbreaking, please don't look at it like that. I am posting this site to share my Son with you. He was a wonderful child who grew into an even more wonderful young man. And He is everything to me. For the past twenty + years, he has been my breath, my heartbeat, my reason for being. I don't know this world without Him.

Since you are already here, please take a moment to look around and enjoy His life with me. I did nothing but brag on Him constantly......so why should that change now.

And please, please return often, as I will be constantly adding new and different things. My Son was a very gifted young man........He played and wrote music, He wrote poetry, short stories, and was even in the beginnings of a novel - which He shared much of with me. "Dad, I left my computer on so you can read this chapter I just finished".......and he would go to his room, pick up His guitar or most often, His drawing pads, to return a little later and we would talk about it. How I miss those talks......................how I miss just talking to Him. We talked constantly, and about everything. He's my son, my buddy, my pal, my confidant, my hero, and I was the same to Him.

Oh yeah, I did mention drawing/art pads above. The boy can draw !!  His talent in all these areas just increased by the day.

So, again I thank you for stopping by and listening to me brag. Please stop back for more updates, including His stories, poems, lyrics, and artwork.

My blessings to you for taking your time. I hope you don't feel you wasted it.

Until I post more........Proud Dad

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